This week's quiz will tell you if you are stressed out. 1. Do you still have fingernails? A. No B. Yes C. They are growing back 2. Are you able to talk with out sounding like Porky Pig? A. No B. Yes C. Occasionally 3. Are you still able to hold a baby's toy without sounding like a rattle snake? A. No B. Yes C. I could be getting older 4. Have you gained any weight within the past month? A. Yes B. No C. It was those darn twinkies!! 5. Has anyone asked you within the past month if you have PMS? A. Yes B. No C. No comment If you answered mostly A's you are deffently under stress, but you are very honest about it. If you answered mostly B's then you are stress FREE (so you say anyway). If you answered mostly C's you're most likely under stress and won't admit to it.

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